Monday, October 12, 2009


Thought I would share this with you all as we all love receiving roses.

(Photo courtesy of the Pilbury Florest)

These are passed on from Sarah's blog (shabby roses and pretty things)with a hug

Not much happening at the moment, both of us are busy with work
and family committments, you know how it is.

We won't be going to the Handmade Expo this weekend, but hopefully
you will see us there in November.

Lee-Ann and myself had a lovely morning yesterday at the local flea
markets, found a couple of treasures will post some before and after
photos soon. The morning out was just what we both needed.
Came home and it started to rain, so I decided sewing was in order
and finished a dress and top to wear this coming weekend.
A 21st and 60th birthday plus a day at the races on Sunday.

I took to the kitchen after that and made some chicken and
apple pies for the freezer.
Its amazing what a rainy day will do for you.

Finished off the day catching up with some of my favourite blogs,
I Love to hear what everyone is doing.

Till next time, take care and be happy...Lyn

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi! there,
Earlier last week we decided we would take our goodies to the Handmade Expo in Ipswich
last Saturday. After the duststorm then on Wednesday and another predicted for Saturday
we then wondered at our decision.

So there we were at Handmade Expo for the first time, foregoing a sleep in to rise early at
4.00 am to get there in plenty of time to set up. The day started out fine until shortly after it started at 8.00 when it decided to get windy, had we made the right decision we thought, as having previous experience with outside markets and changing weather, you are virtually at mother natures mercy. One stall holder packed up and went home as some of her things got broken.
We secured our shade cover as best we could and did our best to enjoy the morning.

We were very fortunate to be surrounded by delightful ladies on either side of us.
It was lovely to chat to like minded crafty people and see what they are up to.

So a big hello to Sarah and her daughter from "Designs of the Heart"
Natalie Cotter and her Mum from "Rod n Lil"
( it was nice to share the morning with great neighbours. Hope to see you again soon.
The dust and wind rolled in as it was time to pack up, so a quick stop at Macca's for something
to eat and a cold drink before we tackled the trip home.

Today I caught up with a very good friend I hadn't seen since my daughter's wedding about 5 years ago. Narelle has moved to Brisbane and it was nice to catch up with all the gos' and what
has been happening in each others lives since then. Had a nice lunch and checked out some new
clothes boutiques in Kenmore. Lots of LOL. Will look forward to getting together more often.

Lee-Ann is enjoying being a grandma to Ella, though still finding some time to create things
for Handmade Heaven and the Expo stall.

Will try and post again soon take care...Lyn

Monday, September 7, 2009


It's funny, I love to check in on some of my favourite blogs regularly and get disappointed if they haven't updated for a while. But, who am I to talk when I don't update our blog as often as I would like.
Not much is happening at the moment, though both of us have been busy with family and work commitments.

My weekend away recently was great in that I got to spend time with my brother and sister and spouses.

Thought I would put in a couple of photos of the weekend. Sadly though my brother is selling their farm and moving up to North Queensland and the tablelands. Will miss having them nearby.

Called into Handmade Heaven and Liesa on the way to drop off some more stock and have a look at all the lovely things instore.

I stopped off at the Petrie Country markets on Sunday on my way to work and checked out a new antique and collectable store, purchased a cute dolls cradle in wrought iron to keep for my grandaughter. Just needs a little TLC. Also dropped by Lily cottage and looked at all the pretties there as well.

What a shame I had to work I would have liked to stay longer.

I am trying to be enthused and clean up my sewing room so as I can get back into sewing lots of new things for Christmas. Unfortunately it is one of those jobs you just have to be in the mood for. Perhaps a trip to Redcliffe/Brighton on Wednesday will put both of us back on track.

Would love for you to let us know you dropped by, till next time ...take care..Lyn

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi! to everyone,

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment, maybe winter has gone early.
Should keep the jumpers out a bit longer just in case.

I invited Lee-Ann and Rob around for morning tea last week as we have all been busy,
and thought it would be nice to catch up on my day off.

As you can see I thought I would make it special. The roses are my first roses off this David Austin Rose called "Miss Alice" and the perfume is divine.
I made a delicious chocolate cake topped with strawberries. (Forgot to take a photo of that)

I am heading away this weekend, my sister and husband are arriving from Townsville on Friday for 4 days and we are heading up through Toowoomba to my brothers farm at Haden.
A quick side trip through Ipswich on the way to drop off stock to Leisa at Handmade Heaven.

Leisa is doing a great job of marketing her store which is great for all of her stockists.
You may have seen her on one of the National Morning TV shows last week promoting same.
Drop by her blog and read all about what is happening there.

A couple of photos of some new things that I have been working on lately and will perhaps be in store there after Friday. Lee-Ann also has a couple of new things as well.

I thought I would include this photo of the lady in black.
I have had this black beaded skirt around for years, and when we were at the Handmade Expo in July one of the stall holders had the painted dolls for the top, when I saw the lady in black I knew she would just go perfectly. So this is the finished result.

TTFN as they say....take care till next time..Lyn

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Dropping By

Just posting a quick blog today before dashing off to the dreaded work.

Into the world arrived Ella Rose, new grandaughter for Lee-Ann and Danny.
All excited, both Mum and bub now doing well.

Have been busy working on some new projects for Sweet Tea and Roses.

I have been looking and making a list of the painting projects that I have around the place to do,
Can't wait for the weather to warm up a little so as to start work on these.

After working 6 days straight, with work being so busy, I decided on Sunday a wander through Bunnings was called for on the way home from work to destress.
I ended up buying a couple of new pot plants for the front verandah. One was a lovely dwarf lavender which is so pretty. It is sittting in a little wooden wheelbarrow - so cute.
You will just have to let your imagination work here as I haven't taken any photos.

Will charge the batteries for the camera and have some pics on some new products next time.

Till next blog...take care..Lyn

Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy

Hi! there,

Where has this year gone I say, and I don't think I have acheived much. But I stopped and thought about it and I have actually been quite productive. Whilst I was jobless for a couple of months I did actually work towards stock for Sweet Tea and Roses, though my best acheivement was finding a new job in this jobless climate. Having said that it has been a bit hectic
learning lots of new things and getting back into work mode each day
Lee-Ann and myself are very busy trying to produce stock both for our website and a stockist of our products, the charming Handmade Heaven store located in the Old Flour Mill at Ipswich.
if you are in the area drop by and see Leisa and lots of other goodies from other very talented people. You could also drop by her blogspot and catch up on the daily happenings.
I have added couple of photos of the Floppy Bunny and a very pretty pincushion you will currently find at Handmade Heaven. (These are at the bottom, don't know what happened but they won't go where I want them to)

Another enjoyable morning with our stall at the recent Bribie Markets. A beautiful Bribie morning, chilly to start, but warming up nicely. Caught up with some friends and family as they all stopped by. Lots of admirers of our stall as usual.
Lee-Ann is on final countdown for the arrival of her grandaughter, due date is 20th so we will
wait excitedly and anxiously for her safe arrival into the world.
This the very pretty nursery Mum to be and Grandma have been working on.
Don't you love the wall panels that Lee-Ann created.

Going to investigate a new material shop next week as I am on the search for some new fabrics
for some new ideas I have. the only problem is now that the cold weather is here I find it
hard to motivate myself at night to do some sewing, but I am going to have to push the boundaries to acheive more.

"Never forget the most powerful force on earth is love"
(Nelson Rockerfeller)

Till I chat next time take care......Lyn

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So much to do and so little time.

I know this is a rare occassion but here I am blogging instead of Lyn. There won't be any wonderful photos appearing tonight because I need to practise that a bit more but at least I am writing something.

The truth is that everyone out there writing blogs every day are making me feel very guilty for being so lazy - but not any more I am going to turn over a new leaf and blog more often (with photos in the future).

Thank-you to Handmade Heaven and Bubba Chenile for checking out our blog and I have to say that it is both of you that have made me feel so guilty.

At the moment I have many things happening in my life and trying to get everything working well together is a bit of a challenge therefor most of my sewing is being done very late at night. At least I am still awake to catch some of the tennis action which is good.

When we looked in on the Handmade Expo last Saturday we had the most wonderful afternoon at the Hotel Metropole (I hope that is the right name). They hosted a Wine, Food and Jazz afternoon which was just wonderful. Everything was so well done that we couldn't believe our luck as it was pure chance that we found out about it. Next time it is on don't miss it.

OK I feel a bit better now that I have made the effort to write. It wasn't that hard after all.

Live, Laugh and Love


Monday, June 8, 2009

Whats New

Hello to everyone in blogland
Hello to everyone who enjoys pretty shabby things.

It is nice sometimes to just kick back with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee and catch up on your favourite blogs, think happy positive thoughts and become inspired.
Unfortunately I don't blog often enough, I can't believe it has been March since I last posted.
how bad is that.
What has been happening recently?

A visit to the lovely Mt. Mee to check out the markets there and enjoyed a georgous morning tea
at Birches restaurant, even though it wasn't a real cold day it was nice to sit beside the fire
and just chill and enjoy.

My daughter and her family have been down for a visit and gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my 2 grandchildren, lots of fun and Nannie cuddles. Modern technology is wonderful, web cam email etc but it is not the same as the real thing.

We are busy planning a baby shower for Lee-ann's dauhter whose baby is due in July
Lee-ann is also busy re-decorating her spare bedroom converting it to a visiting babys room.

I have still been job hunting with no luck until last week when a phone call came with good news,
success at last and I start a new job on the 16th June. Hooray!! Hooray!!.
Thinking about no job has taken a bit of a toll on my sewing and other creative things, so I am
hoping now I will become more inspired and creative.

Tomorrow we are off to Ipswich to visit Handmade Heaven and look at the possibility of putting some of our pretty products in the shop... we will see.

I have tried my hand at some painted metal signs to put on our market stall..see what you think.

Chat soon, hopefully a bit more regularly....Lyn x

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's been a while since I last blogged, I know, but moving house and looking for a new job take precedence. However here I am at last with things to write about.
I have moved into a very nice house that has a garage and separate carport, how lucky I am - I have turned the garage into my separate studio workplace, no more using the dining room table

Hopefully on the job front I will get lucky soon and find a permanent position but meanwhile I am hard at work making new things for out website and market stall.

Our two friends Rob and Sandy recently went to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsulia for a week. Lucky girls, enjoyed every minute especially all of the wonderful choice in eateries they found. Sandy got to visit Gail McCormacks stall at the markets and they were wrapped at the markets. Upon their return I had them over to lunch and they filled us in on their adventures whilst we all enjoyed a relaxing lunch.

Lee-ann and Danny have this week been down to the Hunter Valley area for a holiday. I am sure they would have come accross some new and interesting places, hopefully Lee-ann will come back all inspired and hopefully with some new ideas.

I am posting this item that appeared attached to an email recently - how true

If there is light in the soul

There will be beauty in the person

If there is beauty in the person

There will be harmony in the house

If there is harmony in the house

There will be order in the nation

If there is order in the nation

There will be peace in the world


Bye for now...Lyn

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exciting Times

What a busy time it has a been so far this year, already it is February.

A surprise visit from my daughter and grandchildren, Lily and Bailey over the last couple of weeks has seen my creative side be put on hold as I went into full blown Nannie mode enjoying spending time with them.

The markets have rolled around again, how fast the first month of 2009 has gone.
Hopefully our gazebo shade will be right this Sunday. Last month saw us unpack and erect our new shade cover only to find it had been designed for pygmies and we were flat out being able to walk under it.

Lee-ann, Robyn and myself have embarked on an exercise regime over the last couple of weeks
we figure if we get together at least twice a week to walk or water aerobics and just do our own walking in between should keep us motivatated. We are keeping a record for at least 12 weeks to see how we go. We figger the fitter you feel the more you acheive - one can only be positive.

The good and bad news for me is that I am about to move. The good news is it is a bigger house
with a front and back deck. The bad news is I have to pack everything up.

The most exciting news for Lee-ann this year is that she is to become a Grandmother/Nanna/Nanny/Grandma, she is so excited and is busy already perusing baby catalogues and buying lots of things. What an exciting time for her daughter and husband.

I said last blog I would put some photos of our friend Sandy's house. We went there for lunch
before Xmas and had a very lovely day. I have spread them throughout this blog, hope you enjoy them. She even has a chandelier on her back deck. Thanks Sandy.

Also you will notice out Etsy shop on the side. We have started putting some items on there,
so stop by and visit.

Cheers for now...Lyn

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year - A New Look

2009 The year to reacess, both personally and professionally.

I have decided I need to be more goal oriented this year and try and achieve something special.

So first up Lee-ann and I are starting with our sweet tea and roses web business. This is currently undergoing a major overhall of products and catergories. we are very busy already

making new products for you in the hope you will drop by and fall in love with some of our new delightfully pretty, shabby chic or romantic whimisical items.

We will be having a stall at some markets this year, and will keep you posted on where we will be on our website or here on our blog. November & December we have been at the Rotary Markets on Bribie Island, (2nd Sunday of the month at Brennen Park) and everyone OOHS! and AAHS!

over all the pretties on our stall.

The weather doesn't always play fair though, it was very windy last month and we had to put some things away as they kept getting blown over. Pictures of our December stall above. Hopefully this Sunday will be better. you can find us there from 7.00 am. Stop by and say hello if you are reading about us here.

My next blog I will feature some georgous photos from our friend Sandy's home. So keep stopping by.

I must finish with a photo of my canine pal "Koda" who I mind when his owners, Robyn & Graham have a holiday.

Until next time in blogging land...luv, Lyn & Lee-ann