Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New Year brings New Promise

Christmas and the New Year are quickly fading into the background and I told myself this morning that it is now time to embrace 2008 and get the creative juices flowing.
I enjoy Christmas and the weeks leading up to it so much that it is hard to leave it behind , but I will remember the old saying of Keep Christmas in your heart and hold it there the whole year through.

So far today has been a nice fine day without any rain which is a nice change as we have been wet since before Christmas, but we need the rain in South-East Queensland to fill the dams so we are not complaining. I have a few projects for my Husband in the garden this year so I think he is very happy that it is wet - he keeps telling me that the ground is too wet to put in posts but I think that is just an excuse as he is busy building model aeroplanes which he flies on Sunday mornings.

Lyn is heading back to Townsville from Mt Isa tomorrow and should be back in Brisbane about the 21st January so I hope to have a few creative projects on the go by then.
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year as much as I did and good luck to everyone for all their hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Love Lee-Ann