Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Another long weekend was upon us and I didn't have to work, so I set off to visit my brothers farm "Pekeri" at Haden near Toowoomba. Saturday I caught up with my two nieces and their partners who all happened to be visiting that day. We all joined in and did various farm chores, sorted weaners and cattle. took a tractor ride up the back mountain to chop fire wood, rode SOME horses and finished off the afternoon with a visit to A local winery and olive grove down the road Called "Bunnyconnellen". We tasted a couple of their light live oils with bread and all ended up purchasing a bottle of 'Molly' extra virgin oil to use for dipping and lightly drizzling on soup etc, also a couple of bottles of white wine to go as well.

Sunday we took a road trip across to Dalby to the historical Jimbour Homestead where you can take the living history walk, unfortunately you can't go inside. It is truly magnificent looking out over the downs. We had lunch at the Water Tower restaurant and purchased a couple of bottles of their wine as well. Off to Maclagen with a short stop at Bell where we stopped at Cowbelles Patchwork shop and cafe (of course we had to stop) left the men in the car. Just couldn't resist and purchased a couple of pieces of pretty pink material and some delicious choc slice for afternoon tea. On to Maclagen to "Rimfire Winery" which has some beautiful red wines. And of course had to bring home some of those also.

Home to feed the animals, organise dinner and finish off a wonderful day with a bonfire just after sunset on the mountains where we said goodbye to the old pear tree that had given up and died.

Home on Monday and back to trying to re-organise our web boutique, we will have some new things coming soon, this week hopefully.

These are a couple of the gorgeous pin or broach cushions that will be appearing along with some gorgeous handbag style doorstops and other pretties, so stop by next week and have a browse. We are also clearing out our padded coat hanger sets at a reduced price.
It has been a very busy week but to finish it off yesterday Lee-ann took her daughter Tamara and myself on a secret excursion for our birthdays, we went to a truly magnificent place and felt very special.....I will let her tell you all about it on her next blog.

Till next time stay happy.......Lyn