Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy

Hi! there,

Where has this year gone I say, and I don't think I have acheived much. But I stopped and thought about it and I have actually been quite productive. Whilst I was jobless for a couple of months I did actually work towards stock for Sweet Tea and Roses, though my best acheivement was finding a new job in this jobless climate. Having said that it has been a bit hectic
learning lots of new things and getting back into work mode each day
Lee-Ann and myself are very busy trying to produce stock both for our website and a stockist of our products, the charming Handmade Heaven store located in the Old Flour Mill at Ipswich.
if you are in the area drop by and see Leisa and lots of other goodies from other very talented people. You could also drop by her blogspot and catch up on the daily happenings.
I have added couple of photos of the Floppy Bunny and a very pretty pincushion you will currently find at Handmade Heaven. (These are at the bottom, don't know what happened but they won't go where I want them to)

Another enjoyable morning with our stall at the recent Bribie Markets. A beautiful Bribie morning, chilly to start, but warming up nicely. Caught up with some friends and family as they all stopped by. Lots of admirers of our stall as usual.
Lee-Ann is on final countdown for the arrival of her grandaughter, due date is 20th so we will
wait excitedly and anxiously for her safe arrival into the world.
This the very pretty nursery Mum to be and Grandma have been working on.
Don't you love the wall panels that Lee-Ann created.

Going to investigate a new material shop next week as I am on the search for some new fabrics
for some new ideas I have. the only problem is now that the cold weather is here I find it
hard to motivate myself at night to do some sewing, but I am going to have to push the boundaries to acheive more.

"Never forget the most powerful force on earth is love"
(Nelson Rockerfeller)

Till I chat next time take care......Lyn

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So much to do and so little time.

I know this is a rare occassion but here I am blogging instead of Lyn. There won't be any wonderful photos appearing tonight because I need to practise that a bit more but at least I am writing something.

The truth is that everyone out there writing blogs every day are making me feel very guilty for being so lazy - but not any more I am going to turn over a new leaf and blog more often (with photos in the future).

Thank-you to Handmade Heaven and Bubba Chenile for checking out our blog and I have to say that it is both of you that have made me feel so guilty.

At the moment I have many things happening in my life and trying to get everything working well together is a bit of a challenge therefor most of my sewing is being done very late at night. At least I am still awake to catch some of the tennis action which is good.

When we looked in on the Handmade Expo last Saturday we had the most wonderful afternoon at the Hotel Metropole (I hope that is the right name). They hosted a Wine, Food and Jazz afternoon which was just wonderful. Everything was so well done that we couldn't believe our luck as it was pure chance that we found out about it. Next time it is on don't miss it.

OK I feel a bit better now that I have made the effort to write. It wasn't that hard after all.

Live, Laugh and Love