Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exciting Times

What a busy time it has a been so far this year, already it is February.

A surprise visit from my daughter and grandchildren, Lily and Bailey over the last couple of weeks has seen my creative side be put on hold as I went into full blown Nannie mode enjoying spending time with them.

The markets have rolled around again, how fast the first month of 2009 has gone.
Hopefully our gazebo shade will be right this Sunday. Last month saw us unpack and erect our new shade cover only to find it had been designed for pygmies and we were flat out being able to walk under it.

Lee-ann, Robyn and myself have embarked on an exercise regime over the last couple of weeks
we figure if we get together at least twice a week to walk or water aerobics and just do our own walking in between should keep us motivatated. We are keeping a record for at least 12 weeks to see how we go. We figger the fitter you feel the more you acheive - one can only be positive.

The good and bad news for me is that I am about to move. The good news is it is a bigger house
with a front and back deck. The bad news is I have to pack everything up.

The most exciting news for Lee-ann this year is that she is to become a Grandmother/Nanna/Nanny/Grandma, she is so excited and is busy already perusing baby catalogues and buying lots of things. What an exciting time for her daughter and husband.

I said last blog I would put some photos of our friend Sandy's house. We went there for lunch
before Xmas and had a very lovely day. I have spread them throughout this blog, hope you enjoy them. She even has a chandelier on her back deck. Thanks Sandy.

Also you will notice out Etsy shop on the side. We have started putting some items on there,
so stop by and visit.

Cheers for now...Lyn