Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have finally found a photo of Lyn and myself together to post on the blog. That's me (Lee-Ann) on the left and Lyn on the right. This photo was taken in our Tearoom on Bribie Island (The Tea Rose). For the people who have not read our blog before , we sold the shop in September and now have

Frustration has been high on my agenda for the last two days because I have been trying to add this photo to our profile without any success. Just can't work out what I'm doing wrong.

On a more relaxing note - it was my darling Husbands birthday on Tuesday 16th Oct so I took him up to Buderim for the day. Perfect day. We bought the winning ticket in the Endeavour Prize Home though we are still undecided whether we will live there or stay where we are. Well we can all dream a little can't we?

After a great lunch at the newly renovated Hotel (superb views through a wall of glass all along the coast) we wandered around the village and had coffee at the Vieneese Coffee House. The photo is of a lovely B&B at Buderim called The White House. It is situated next to a National Park which has a couple of nice easy bushwalks. Then it was back home to prepare a Birthday dinner for the family. It was just one of those really nice days when all was right with the world.

A very big thank-you to those generous people who have left a comment on our blog - you don't know how much it is appreciated when you are still trying to find your way around.

Lyn is in Mt Isa visiting her Grandchildren so she might find time to give us an update from there.

Thanks for stopping by for a read - Lee-Ann


Buderim Blog said...

Hi Lee-ann
Buderim is a great place to visit, if you want to know more about the place, check before you go again for more info on other things to see there!