Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inspiration For 2008


Lyn & Lee-Ann have been having a time out from blogging and shabby web boutique business lately, however the time has come to get back on track. Our blog has had a makeover and we hope you get a wow reaction as you are visiting.

Even though we haven't been posting, I have still been reading all my favourites and lots more. There are so many lovely and inspiring blogs out there I decided to enlist the help of my daughter and her talented computer skills to redesign our blog and this is it. I hope you enjoy.

Lee-Ann is busy at the moment house training their newest member to the family, Tara. You will meet the very sweet Tara when she blogs next.

We both went to the local Caboolture Markets last Sunday morning and both acquired a couple of finds. The green lustre vase I may put into the vintage category in sweet tea and roses. Stay tuned and see.

A paint brush seems to have taken control of my hand and is currently creating magic with white paint. Some furniture items are getting a new look to go with the shabby transformation of my little cottage "Sunrise Cottage".

I am slowly getting the creative spirit back and can curl up on my new sofa and stitch, scheme up new ideas, and generally spread mags, craft gear, the odd biscuit or sweet thing around and before you know it there is a mess, but as we all know thats how the best creations happen.

I am wanting to start a couple of altered books, that is something I really love to do the one in the photo is one I did for my daughter Megan for Xmas before last.

I did 3 actually one each for Lee-Ann's daughters as well -all different and in their favourite colour theme. A great challenge but worth it.

Anyway must dash, a big thank you to Megs for such a great job, especially when she has Lily and Bailey to keep her busy, but you know what they say give a job to a busy person and it will happen.

Thanks heaps - love Mum
Bye for now, stay happy......Lyn