Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi! to everyone,

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment, maybe winter has gone early.
Should keep the jumpers out a bit longer just in case.

I invited Lee-Ann and Rob around for morning tea last week as we have all been busy,
and thought it would be nice to catch up on my day off.

As you can see I thought I would make it special. The roses are my first roses off this David Austin Rose called "Miss Alice" and the perfume is divine.
I made a delicious chocolate cake topped with strawberries. (Forgot to take a photo of that)

I am heading away this weekend, my sister and husband are arriving from Townsville on Friday for 4 days and we are heading up through Toowoomba to my brothers farm at Haden.
A quick side trip through Ipswich on the way to drop off stock to Leisa at Handmade Heaven.

Leisa is doing a great job of marketing her store which is great for all of her stockists.
You may have seen her on one of the National Morning TV shows last week promoting same.
Drop by her blog and read all about what is happening there.

A couple of photos of some new things that I have been working on lately and will perhaps be in store there after Friday. Lee-Ann also has a couple of new things as well.

I thought I would include this photo of the lady in black.
I have had this black beaded skirt around for years, and when we were at the Handmade Expo in July one of the stall holders had the painted dolls for the top, when I saw the lady in black I knew she would just go perfectly. So this is the finished result.

TTFN as they say....take care till next time..Lyn